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By Racquel B. Baluyot

Ten years ago, I started feeling that stress, exhaustion, unhealthy lifestyle, and aging were all taking a huge toll on my mind and body. I told myself that, if I still wanted to perform my best as a parent, a wife, and a businesswoman, I had to immediately change my routine. This included actively engaging in exercise, a healthier diet, and taking quality health supplements. From then on, I became passionate about health. I became enthusiastic in everything that naturally promotes our well-being. In my continuous advocacy to find products that improve health and quality of life, I came across Atharva. They introduced us to their products and were transparent enough to walk us through their production process. It was momentous. In Atharva, I found more people like me. Like us at Beaulife Inc., they do not compromise on quality and are passionate in promoting health in a natural way. We especially like their head massage oil. We use it to help us relax and sleep better. Countless benefits arise the next day when our attitude, outlook, demeanor, energy, and enthusiasm all take a positive turn – simply because we got to relax the day before. Before we knew it, this product has become part of our daily regimen. We hope that our partnership with Atharva towards health and uncompromising quality continue on for many more years.