Dr. Sadanand Prabhakar Sardeshmukh

Director - Atharva Nature Healthcare Pvt Ltd

  • D.S.A.C. Bombay (1967)
  • A.V.P. Poona (1977)
  • Ph.D. Ayurveda, Poona (1983)
  • First Ph.D. in the faculty of Ayurveda in the State of Maharashtra.
  • Consulting Ayurvedic Physician since 1967, in Pune & Bombay.
  • Trustee, Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust, Wagholi, Pune.
  • Director, Ayurvedic Hospital – Research Centre, Wagholi, Pune.
  • Director, Atharva Ayurved Pharmaceuticals, Wagholi, Pune.
  • Ex Principal, Ayurved College, Wagholi, Pune.
  • Scientific Director, Ayurved Academy, Yoga in Daily Life, Vienna.
  • Guru, Recognized Multiversity Gurukul by India International Multiversity for Studies, Research & Practice in Ayurved.

Total Teaching Experience:41 years

At Post Graduate Level: 34 years

  • Hon. Professor & Head of the Dept. of Kayachikitsa (Dept. of Medicine) at Ashtang Ayurveda College Pune (1973 1990).
  • Hon. Professor, Dept. of Kayachikitsa (Dept. of Medicine) at Tilak Ayurveda College, Pune (1981 – 1990).
  • Hon. Professor & Head of Samhita (Dept. of Basic principles of Ayurveda) at Tilak Ayurveda College, Pune (1990 – 1994).
  • Hon. Professor, Dept. of Kayachikitsa (Dept. of Medicine) at Tilak Ayurveda College, Pune (1994 – 1996)
  • Asst. Professor & Head, Dept. of Samhita (Dept. of Basic principles of Ayurveda) at Sion Ayurved College, Bombay (since 1974).
  • Principal, at Ayurveda College Wagholi, Pune (1998 – 2011).
  • Professor & Head of Sanskrit Samhita Siddhanta Department(Department of Basic Principles of Ayurved at Ayurved College Wagholi) (1998 – 2011).
  • Recognised Research Guide for Ph.D. of Poona University, Mumbai Universitiy and Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune. Thirteen researchers have obtained Ph. D. degree under my guidance.
  • Recognised Post Graduate Professor for M. D. of Poona and Bombay Universities.ThirtyFive students have obtained M. D. degree under my guidance.
  • Dean, Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine University of Bombay (1986-89).
  • Chairman, Board of studies Kayachikitsa, Poona University (1985-88).
  • Member, Board of studies
  • Kayachikitsa, Pune University (1982-85)
  • Basic Principles, Pune University (Since 1992).
  • Member, Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine, Pune University (1985-88).
  • Member, Academic Council, Pune University (1986-88).
  • Member, Board of Studies in Basic Principles (1991-94).
  • Member, faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine (1991-94).
  • Member, Research committee, Pune University.
  • Member, Board of studies in Samhita, Bombay University (1983-86).
  • Member, Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine, Bombay University (1986-89).
  • Member, Academic council, Bombay University (1986-89).
  • Senate member of Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik,

For 5 years from 21.9.2002.

  • Expert, Faculty of Ayurved, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.
  • Dean, Ayurved Faculty, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune. (Since 2004).
  • Member of Academic Council, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune.
  • Member of Management Council, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune.
  • Member of Advisory Committee, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.

For : B.A.M.S., M.D., Ph.D.

  • Director, Ayurved Hospital & Research Centre Wagholi, Pune (Since 1986).
  • Principal, Ayurved College Wagholi, Pune (1998 – 2011).
  • Director, Atharva Ayurved Pharmaceuticals, Wagholi, Pune (Since 2002).
  • Advisor, Institute of Indian Medicine Kothrud, Pune.
  • Member, Ayurved Rasashala, Pune (1986).
  • Member of the Editorial Board
    • Deerghayu Diwali Magazine, Pune
    • Deerghayu International Magazine, Pune.
  • General Secretary, Maharashtra Ayurveda Sammelan District Pune 425, Shaniwar Peth, Pune 30 (1983 – 1986)
  • General Secretary, Maharashtra Ayurveda Sammelan Netaji Subhash Road, Bombay 2 (1985-1987).
  • Vice President, Maharashtra Ayurveda Sammelan Maharashtra State (Since 1994)..
  • Vice President, Pune Vaidyak Mandal Phadtare Chowk, Sadashiv Peth, Pune 30.
  • Member of Governing Council, Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal Karve Road, Pune 30 (1990 1995).
  • Hon. Physician, Ashtanga Ayurved Charitable Hospital Sadashiv Peth, Pune 30 (1973-1990).
  • Hon. Physician, Ayurvedacharya Purushottam Shastri Nanal Rugnalaya Karve Road, Pune 4 (1977-1998).
  • Hon. Asst. Physician, Seth Tarachand Ramnath Rugnalaya Rasta Peth, Pune 11 (1983-1987).
  • Hon. Physician, Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre Wagholi, Pune (Since 1986).
  • Chairman, Nanal Hospital Karve Road, Pune (1990-1995).
  • Hon. Physician, Ayurvedic Dept., Sasoon Hospital (1993 -1996).
  • Hon. Consultant, Ayurved Department, Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Kothrud, Pune.
  • Cancer Project(Since 1994)
  • Panchakarma Project(Since 1994)
  • Female & Child Welfare Project (Since 1994)
  • Arthritis Project (Since 1996)
  • Delayed Bone Healing Project (Since 1996)
  • AIDS Project (Since 2000)
  • Participation & Research Paper Reading at Ayurvedic Conferences.
  • Visiting Professor at School of Ayurved, Adelaide, Australiasince 1987 Delivered lectures on Basic Principles of Ayurved, Importance of Diagnosis, Importance of Treatment, Various Diseases like Asthma, Hyperacidity, Arthritis and Ayurvedic diet.
  • Invitations as a Visiting Professor for Seminars, Lectures, and Workshops in Australia, Japan, Germany, U.S.A.
  • Published various articles on Ayurved in Newspapers and Magazines from Bombay & Pune.
  • Sanskrit into Marathi Translation of Charak Samhita (Edited by Dr. P. H. Kulkarni).
  • Participated in number of programmes on T. V. and Radio.
  • Member, Rotary Club of Poona, Midtown (19911996).
  • Speaker for Ayurved, Alternative medicine Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal, Baltimore, U.S.A. (July 1993).
    Delivered lectures on Basic Principles of Ayurved, Home Remedies and Diet.
  • Participated in Cancer Conference, Alternative Medicine, Sydney, Australia(April 1994).
  • Organized 4 International Conferences on “Ayurved for Cancer” & presented research papers in Dec. 1997, Feb. 2002, Feb. 2007 & Nov. 2012.
  • Participated in 1st International Conference on Ayurved in Japan (April May 2002) Delivered lecture on “Cancer & Ayurved”.
  • “Ashwasana I”: containing scientific papers presented during the International Conference of “Ayurved for Cancer” held at Pune, India in December 1997.
  • Ashwasana II“: containing scientific papers presented during the International conference of Ayurved for Cancer” held at Pune, India in February 2002.
  • Ashwasana III“: containing scientific papers presented during the International conference of “Ayurved for Cancer” held at Mahabaleshwar, India in February 2007.
  • Ashwasana IV“: containing scientific papers presented during the International conference of “Ayurved for Cancer” held at Pune, India in November 2012.
  • Panchakarma Pustika“: Containing ready references for Panchakarma from Ayurvedic texts.
  • Dhoopan“: containing in depth information about the Dhoopan Yog (Herbal Medicated Smoke) in Ayurvedic texts.
  • Cancer Ayurved“: containing useful information for laymen about Cancer from the Ayurvedic approach.
  • Ayurvediya Aarogya Sadhana“: containing information about Basic Principles of Ayurved and their practical implementation in our day to day life.
  • Gharguti Aushadhopchar“: containing useful information about home remedies.
  • Ayurvediya Aaharshaili“: containing information about diet from Ayurvedic view.
  • Charak Samhita“: Sanskrit into Marathi Translation (Edited by Dr. P. H. Kulkarni).
  • “Sarvashri Award” 1999 by Special Executive Magistrate”s Society for Chikitsa Ratna (Mumbai).
  • “Life Time Achievement Award” 2001 by Pune District Education Association, College of Ayurved & Research Centre, Pradhikaran, Nigadi, Pune in 1st National conference on “Parad & Gandhak” on 10-3-2001.
  • “Vaidya Appashastri Datar Award” 2004by Vaidya Appashastri Datar Panchbhautik Chikitsa Kendra, Sangali, Maharashtra.
  • “Ninad Award” 2004 by Ninad, Pune.
  • “Rashtriya Rattan Award” 2004(Instituted in memory of Late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi) by Global Economic Council, New Delhi.
  • Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award 2005 For outstanding individual achievement & distinguished services to the nation by Global Economic Council, New Delhi.
  • Fellowship, Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth Delhi 2007
  • Maharshee Annasaheb Patwardhan Vaidyakiya Puraskar 2007 by Vaidya Khadiwale Vaidyak Samshodhan Sanshta, Pune.
  • Sanman Chinha 5th September 2007 By Vidya Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune on the occasion of Shikshak Din (Teachers” Day)
  • Fellowship 2008, All India Sharir Research Institute, Lucknow In recognition of the valuable contribution for the advancement of Science of Ayurved Sharir.
  • Arya Vaidyan P. V. Rama Varier Memorial Award 2008 by Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore.
  • Late Dr.R.V.Waddekar Award from Kesari 2009 For Academic & Research contribution in the field of Ayurved, in the hands of Dr. Deepak Tilak, Honourable Vice Chancellor, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth , Pune on 14/10/2009.
  • Vidya Vyas Puraskar: 2012, by Vidya Sahakari Bank, Pune.
  • Shree Siddhivinayak Sushrut Puraskar :2014, by Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir Nyas, Prabhadevi, Mumbai
  • Ayurved Ratna Puraskar 2014, by Association of Management of Ayurvedic College of Maharashtra on 27/12/2014.
  • International Publication

      Effectiveness of combinations of Ayurvedic drugs in alleviating drug toxicity and improving quality of life of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy in Journal of   Supportive Care Cancer (2014)


  •   Other Publications
  1. Ayurvedic Diagnosis of Cancer
  2. Results of Ayurvedic Treatment in Leukemia.
  3. Results of Paribhadra Oil in Management of Ulcerative Cancer of Uterine Cervix
  4. Utility of Badampak, Lakshadi Guggul, Triphala Guggul in Bone Metastasis
  5. Results of External Application Lodhra, Arjun, Haridra in Malignant Ulcers
  6. Effects of Vasa, Yashtimadhu & Kankol in Oro-Pharyngeal Cancers
  7. Clinical Profile of Ca-Breast Treated with Ayurved.
  8. Clinical Profile of Ca-Cervix Treated with Ayurved.
  9. Clinical Profile of Cancer Patients excluding Ca-Breast and Ca-Cervix Treated with Ayurved
  10. Study of Santarpana Chiktsa in Rasa-Rakta Kshaya Awastha
  11. To Study Effects of Suvarnabhasmadi Yoga in HIV +ve Cases
  12. Efficacy of Ayurved in Fractures and Delayed Bone Healing Cases.
  13. Critical Study of Agnivisarpa and its Management with Ayurved.
  14. Clinical Study of Arishta Lakshanas with respect to Time.
  15. Effects of Yuktaratha Basti in Management of Prushthavansha Vedana
  16. Efficacy of Vamana on Free Radicals.
  17. Efficacy of Basti on Free Radicals
  18.  Ayurvedic Approach of Diagnosis of Cancer
  19. Ayurvedic Approach of Diagnosis of Leukemia
  20. Etiological Role of Poorva Vyadhi, Mithya Ahara & Vyasanas in Cancer.
  21. An Effort to Understand Anuvanshikata in Cancer
  22. Clinical Review of Risk Factors of Ca-Breast
  23. Study of Risk Factors of Ca Female Genital Organs.
  24. Study of Causative Factors of Cancer in Children
  25. Utility of Roupya Suvarna Sutshekhar Rasa in Ca Brain.
  26. Efficacy of Padamkadi Ghrita in Counteracting Side Reactions of Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy.
  27. Clinical Effects of Yakritpleehari Loha in Liver Cancer
  28. Role of dietary factors, past illness, heredity & addiction in Cancer.
  29. Ayurvedic approach towards Lymphoma and some case reports
  30. Management of side-effects of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy with Ayurvedic treatment.
  31. Management of Hematological cancers (Leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease) i.e.Cancers of Rasavaha & Raktavaha Srotasa with Yakrutpleehodarari Loha)
  32. Role of Gokharu vati & Ananta Vati in Genito – Urinary Cancers.
  33. Efficacy of Panchakarma Treatment in Cancers.
  34. Efficacy of Paribhadra Oil in Management of Dushta Vrana in Cancers
  35. CA Tongue – An Ayurvedic Approach.
  36. Trividha Roga Parikshana of an Operated case of CA Rectum.
  37. Role of Supportive Ayurvedic Treatment in Quality of Life of Cancer Patients on Chemotherapy
  38. Assessment of Ayurvedic treatment in Liver Carcinoma & Liver metastasis with Yakrutplihodarari Loha.
  39. Efficacy of Suvarna Bhasmadi Yoga in Cancer Patients w.s.r. to Quality of Life
  40. Efficacy of Veerataradi Vati in Cancers of  Mutravaha Srotasa viz. Ca Kidney, Ca Ureter, Ca Bladder & Ca Prostate.