Ayurved is the Life science evolved since thousands of years by the continuous research done by the ancient Acharya (Sages). Like any other science there is always a scope to update and upgrade the science as per the running era. All the ill effects on the ecosystem have also alarmed Ayurveda because it is the science that connects human being to nature, with well being and healthy life as a prime concern. Hence it is mandatory to establish a Research and Development Department to constantly check the quality parameters, develop new techniques and formulate quality products to get the desired effect.

It was the vision of Prabhakar Sardeshmukh Maharaj to start a FDA approved, GMP certified Pharmacy. Our Director, Dr Sadanand Sardeshmukh eventually started BSDT’s Atharva Ayurved Pharmaceuticals in 2002 with a motive to manufacture Research based Quality products. Primarily, the time tested formulations were manufactured to supply our own Ayurved Hospital and Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Centre. Various clinical trials were conducted in our own Hospital to test the efficacy of these products. We always emphasize on Research based products to maintain quality of products and prepare new quality products.