Being an FDA approved and GMP certified unit, all the norms are strictly followed and all the sections are well equipped to manufacture quality and standardized products. Though Ayurveda is a Traditional science it has to be upgraded as per the current trends of industry. On the contrary, modern science should not be followed blindly without knowing the basic science of Ayurveda. So, we are constantly striving hard to maintain this equilibrium to manufacture quality products.

Asava and Arishta are types of dosage forms which are prepared by natural self fermentation. It is prepared with utmost cleanliness and in controlled environment to ensure complete fermentation to get desired percentage of self-generated alcohol as per FDA norms

It can be called as Confectioneries since sugar or jaggery are used as base. The herbs are processed in molten sugar and a specific quantity of water to get semi solid paste or granules.

In this section Oils and Ghee are processed in various herbs of different properties. It is done with extreme care to get the desired properties of plants to imbibe into oils and ghee.

Raw herbs in the crude form are pulverized into desired mesh sizes with minimal handling. Then they are sifted through desired meshes to get fine powder. This ensures the purity of herbs.

It is called Guti- Vati preparation in Ayurveda. Various powders of herbal supplements are compressed into bolus form called Tablets. The exact dosage quantity is maintained without hampering its useful properties.

This section deals with science of incinerating metals and minerals like gold, silver etc with different herbs to get superfine compounds of desired effects as mentioned in the ancient texts of Rasa shastra and Ayurveda

All the raw materials, packing materials, processing and finished products are under strict supervision of the Quality Control and Quality Assurance department. Various tests are conducted to check the efficacy, safety and stability of products in this well equipped section.

This section has all the packing facilities as required by FDA and all the products are packed in hygienic conditions. All the packing material is food grade and complies with GMP norms.